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Rainbow Professional Ltd

Rainbow Professional Ltd

Location: Hull, UK
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  Rainbow dates back to its formation in 1961 and has since become a widely respected name amongst Professional Landscapers who have seen the Company launch many new products including Spiral Tree Guards, Buckle Tree Ties, Easy Fix, Rubber Ties and Cushions for Trees and Rite-Edge.

Rainbow Professional Ltd now operates from its new 8000 square meter site in East Yorkshire where it recycles over 1000 tonnes per year of various plastics to manufacture its Environmentally Friendly Product Range.

Rainbow Professional has its products available through 32 different countries across all continents providing customer visits and technical back up throughout.

  • Manufacturing

  • Plastics

  • Building Materials

  Products & Services

Spiral Tree Guards

  Spiral Tree Guards are used extensively across the Northern Hemisphere for protecting young trees such as Standards, Seedlings Transplants and Single Stem Hedge Plant Varieties against browsing animals such as rabbit, hare, sheep and roe deer. They offer a very low unit cost but also are very quick and simple to install and often do not need additional tree stakes or fastenings to support them.  

Tree Ties

  Ground erosion, wind, vandalism and grass cutting all destroy young trees each year with most trees less than five years of age being vulnerable to such damage. To protect trees for these threats various arrangements of tree ties, straps, cushions and spacers can be used along with various types of stakes.  

Weed Mats

  Mulching around trees is very important, as it helps the young tree to obtain the essential nutrients needed to survive the early stages of development. Mulching helps to suppress the growth of weeds around a tree's root system, with more young trees failing due to lack of mulch than from wind or any pests.  
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