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Location: Norwich, UK
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  Safe Non Slip Floor & Shower / Bath Treatment
The AD Goddard Traction Plus range are non slip products products that prevent slipping on floors. Traction Plus is an invisble bath mat that when applied to a bath or shower prevents slipping without having to use bacteria laden rubber mats. Traction + Pro prevents slipping on hard flooring including porous tile, terrazzo or slate floors. Traction Plus Pro 2 will increase the coefficient of friction on any hard surface flooring to a safe standard; including ceramic, marble and granite. Traction Plus Pro 2 has been tested and is used on the london underground.
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  Products & Services

Green Kleen

  All Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser. Green Kleen is environmentally-friendly and is safe
to use on any washable surface including: autos; waste containers; carpets;
machinery; porcelain; tiles; marble; all metals; painted surfaces; leather and more!
Can be used on all floor surfaces. Green Kleen super concentrated cleaner has been
formulated to replace hazardous cleaning systems and solvents that threaten the
environment, as well as the health of users and bystanders.

Traction Plus Pro 2

  Effective - Increases COF by as much as 70%.
• Versatile - Works on a wide range of surfaces: Ceramic Tile, Terrazzo, Quarry
Tile, Slate, Granite, Polished Stone, most marbles and more. Perfect for use in
lobbies, factory floors, auto showrooms, food preparation areas, dining areas,
stairways, parking garages - anywhere a wet floor would present a hazard.
• Durable - A single application will last up to 24 months in heavy traffic areas and
up to 5 years in medium to light traffic areas.
• Economical - If Traction Plus “Professional 2” can prevent just one slip and fall
accident, it will have paid for itself many times over.
• Invisible - Will not discolour floor surface.
• Easy to Apply and Maintain – May be applied on new or existing surfaces, by
regular maintenance personnel. No special tools or training required.

Mop & Strip

  Mop & Strip is a heavy-duty super concentrated, rinse-free floor finish stripper for
problem floors. Its unique formula is free of Ammonia and Caustic, is fast-penetrating,
and easy to use. Mop & Strip is designed to dissolve all acrylic and styrene acrylic
finishes. It quickly removes build ups, which leaves no residue, produces savings of time
and money for any routine floor care program.
Mop & Strip is especially designed for today’s floor surfaces that have been hardened
due to high speed burnishing and buffing. It can quickly penetrate multiple layers of built
up finish and remove old coats. Also removes waxes and sealer finishes.
Mop & Strip does not require the use of any mechanical equipment; it can be used with a
mechanical aid but can also be used just as effectively with a mop and bucket.

Green Bowl

  GREEN BOWL is an environmentally safe, all
purpose bathroom cleaner.
It tackles the toughest cleaning jobs, including soap scum, heavy dirt,
rust stains, lime scale, mould and mildew. It is made with mineral and
organic salts, and will not corrode any surface.
Bio-Degradable Can be used in a wide range of industries and facilities.
Non-Toxic Can be used for general purpose cleaning of
Non-Caustic bathrooms, showers, locker rooms.
Non-Hazardous Green Bowl is great for cleaning sinks, baths


  Bio-Degradable; Non Toxic; Non Caustic; Non-Flammable; Non-Hazardous (not
harmful to people, animals or plants); 100% Soluble in water (mixes easily);
Neutral pH: 7.3; Non-Corrosive; Non-slip; Deodorizes; Eliminates stripping;
Reduces recoating; Conditions; Prevents built up; Cleans; Protects; Shines
Unisource is a cost saving floor treatment. It cleans, polishes and restores the floor
surface eliminating stripping and recoating. Cost effective, saving time, labour cost, and
the cost of carrying a number of specialty products. Unisource leaves a slip resistant
micro coating on the floor surface which does not build up, discolour, or powder. No
stripping is necessary as Unisource will not build-up into a film of old dirty polish. Its pine
aroma leaves areas smelling clean and fresh. Unisource is extremely cost-effective.
Scuff mark resistant.
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