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Draycast Foundries Limited

Draycast Foundries Limited

Location: Chesham, UK
Telephone: 01494 786077
Approvals: 0
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  Draycast is a well respected foundry producing aluminium, aluminium bronze, gunmetal and bronze castings. Based in the UK we supply many industries with their casting requirements but specialise in fluid handling, medical, electronics, valves and high speed machinery. Please visit for a full description of the aluminium and bronze casting service we provide.  
  • Manufacturing

  • Industrial Engineering

  Products & Services

Aluminium Castings

  Aluminium Castings in LM25, LM4, LM6, BSL99 and BSL169. Aluminium castings in the foundry manufactured using sand casting and die casting processes.  

Aluminium Bronze Castings

  Aluminium bronze castings in AB2, C95800, C95500 etc. Aluminium bronze castings manufactured in the foundry using sand casting process.  

Gunmetal Castings

  Gunmetal castings in LG2, LG4 etc. Gunmetal castings manufactured in the foundry using sand casting process.  

Brass Castings

  Brass castings in HTB1. Brass castings manufactured in the foundry using the sand casting process.  
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