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Method & Class Limited

Method & Class Limited

Location: Milton Keynes, UK
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  We are a small and versatile web development company based in Buckingham (UK), north of London and very close to Milton Keynes. We specialise in delivering web applications and complex web sites for a variety of clients. We are proud of our work and enjoy what we do. We are firmly of the philosophy that work should be fun and we want to enjoy going to work each day.

A large proportion of our work is with bespoke web applications, often based around eCommerce and Content Management Systems. We are continually looking to improve our products and services with a focus on usability, web standards, and getting the fundamentals right.

  • E-Learning

  • Digital Media

  • Design

  Products & Services

Design & Branding

  A cohesive brand is key to delivering the correct corporate image. We provide the complete creative design service; From brochures and corporate IDs right through to web site design and banner adverts; we can help you to develop the complete brand that positions your company correctly within it's market.  

Website Design

  We have been developing web sites for many years now. We have been through the torture of the early browser wars and are now using modern CSS techniques to deliver excellent web sites that are standards compliant. With all the hype around Web 2.0 (which is nothing more than a buzz word) developing web sites is a really exciting industry to be in. The rate of change is incredible at the minute, and we are in a continual state of learning to ensure that we are delivering the best web sites possible for our clients.  

Web Application Development

  We build bespoke web sites that are often used as business tools, with genuinely tangible benefits to your business and a quantifiable return on investment. Many of our sites are integral parts of complex systems which have helped streamline processes, cut costs and reach larger audiences.  
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