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Gould Group International

Gould Group International

Location: Burton On Trent, UK
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  Formed in 1972, The Gould Group is a customer focused company offering clients a highly experienced team of professionals specialising in the provision of cost effective I.T. and communications services across the Midlands.

We understand that every business is different and our support options reflect varying budgets, requirements and customer IT knowledge. Using the latest technologies, The Gould Group offer a range of support services for business critical systems from basic monthly agreements to comprehensive proactive support contracts with unlimited call-out and guaranteed response times.

We are able to provide complete solutions tailored to fit your business needs explained in a way that you and your staff will easily understand.

  • IT Security

  • IT Consulting

  • Computer Networking

  Products & Services

Network & Internet Security

  Network and Internet security are central and critical factors when considering IT systems. Every day there is news of yet another significant security breach with large organisations either losing confidential information, E-mails or even personal data.

But it’s not just the large businesses that are under threat. Any company with internet connection (which virtually covers everyone these days), is potentially threatened by unauthorised access, virus infection, or plain inconvenience, which can cause serious system down-time and loss of productivity.



  E-mail is now the essential communication medium for the majority of businesses. A centrally maintained E-mail system gives you the control and flexibility over your business messaging. The benefits include calendar sharing, shared mailboxes and contacts and portable device integration.  

Anti Virus/Spyware Software

  Anti-Virus protection is critical to all servers and workstations within your infrastructure. Whilst E-mail and Internet use pose the greatest threat, it is extremely easy to introduce viruses via removable media such as USB memory sticks, external hard disks, CD’s and DVD’s. Unless suitable protection is in place, an infected machine can silently replicate viruses between network devices. These viruses may use your own E-mail system to infect your clients and address book contacts.  
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