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Mind Gliding

Mind Gliding

Location: Margate, UK
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we’ll help you bring it together.

Every business can be a high performer, even in today’s uncertain world. But how do you put your organisation in the best possible position to success, and maintain that success in the future?
One answer is to build on and improve existing relationships and communication in and around your business, so teams are clear about their purpose, work better and achieve more. But it’s hard to do this alone.

That’s where Mind Gliding can help, by working with you, inside your organisation. As business psychologists, we unlock people’s inner resources, skills, talent and experience, in a way that creates real growth and development. This process has tangible, lasting benefits for everyone concerned – and your business.
The Mind Gliding approach is based on the’5 Elements of Relationship’ model devised by Professor Petruska Clarkson. It focuses on the way that people inter-act with each other, in their relationship within business and other organisations.

This provides a tested, secure basis for our core work with you and your teams; it looks beyond conventional management training or development. Each Mind Gliding programme is unique, designed for your company’s specific needs, circumstances and goals.
We know our work with organisations, both large and small, improves business performance, staff confidence, creativity and self-esteem. Call us on 01843 296565 to find out more, or visit our website:

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