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Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
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was set up early in 2009, just as the economic downturn was starting to tighten.
With more and more people looking to generate an additional income or, as employment prospects continue to promote instability, look for an honest alternative to the routine 9-to-5 job, the decision was taken look at this dilemna as a possible assistance project.
After 26 plus years in a sales and sales management environment, it was decided upon by our team to respond to some of the ‘small adds’ that regularly appear in our daily papers and can easily be found over the internet in an attempt to discover what was really on offer around the UK. It was astonishing to learn how many allegedly ‘Get Rich Quick’ scams there are out in the big wide world however, this in itself started to pose a thought ...... what if one website could cherry pick a number of simple but GENUINE opportunities whereby individuals could be encouraged to select from a menu of widely recognised and accredited businesses, and where REAL MONEY COULD BE EARNED, all legitimate and above board. Add to this, a central noticeboard where a credible selection of literature, software etc could be recommended, or contacts could be shared ......... the concept for this new site was born ......
Please feel free to sample our growing site and watch for new "cash generators" as they are added.
If you have any suggestions or recommendation for inclusion within the site, please feel free to use the ‘Contact Us’ page.
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