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Rotair Systems Ltd

Rotair Systems Ltd

Location: Basingstoke, UK
Telephone: 01256 326377
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  Rotair Systems, is finding that today's companies are looking for more cost-effective and versatile ways of moving their heavy loads. Loads are getting bigger and heavier, and need to be moved quickly and safely in the most cost-effective manner. Using air film technology to float your heavy loads on a cushion of air offers the best solution. All you need is a level floor surface and a little compressed air.

Using the resources and expertise of people who have been in the air film technology business for many years, we are able to design, manufacture and install a diverse range of air film handling products that are suitable for the ever changing world of manufacturing. Such products include:


Ever-versatile air skate kits - which come complete with all the fittings necessary to get you up and running very quickly.

Air pallets - which are capable of lifting and moving heavy loads quickly and easily. Available in many sizes and can easily used by guys, gals and even the boss

Transporters - the big guys on the block for moving the real heavy stuff - transformers and heavy machinery. Fully customizable to suit the load.

As with all air film products, the heart of the equipment is the air bearing and it is our intention to offer the two most common types of air bearing configurations available. The A-type bearing was developed by General Motors over 30 years ago and remains the standard by which air film technology is measured and the B-type which was originally developed by Boeing and offers higher lift heights which is ideal if you have a 'lift and move' situation where the load needs to be lifted away from its base before floating off to its destination.

As well as providing air flotation handling systems, we also supply and install turntables that either rotate on a film of air or by more traditional and mechanical means such as wheels.

At Rotair Systems, we would be happy to hear about your load moving needs and have the opportunity to advise you on the best possible (no obligation) solutions.

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  Products & Services

Air Skates

  Air skates load moving systems are far more flexible than the traditional methods of forklift truck and overhead crane. Forklifts and cranes will always be the best choice for lifting and moving smaller loads of lighter weights and sizes. But if you have larger loads comprising of greater weights and dimensions, then using air skates for your load moving operations is almost certainly going to provide you with a better solution.  

Industrial Turntables

  Industrial Turntables are fast becoming standard equipment in many factory and other similar locations in the United Kingdom. They provide a variety of features and benefits that certainly make life easier for the operator, and offer affordability and cost effectiveness for the company.

Industrial turntables are available in diameters from around 1 metre up to 7 metres, and can be air powered by onboard air bearings or electro mechanical power via drive wheel unit.


Vehicle Turntables

  The most common type of turntable produced are those used for rotating vehicles. With the ever increasing demand on space in our cities and towns, there is a requirement for a well-proven and economically priced turntable whether they operate by floating on a film of air or are rotated by more conventional means such as castors.

Rotair Systems' air film turntables are of a very versatile modular design, allowing them to be installed in confined areas inside or outside, either flush or surface mounted. Because of their low profile - 150mm or less - and low ground pressure requirements, it is possible to install these turntables within a mezzanine floor or thin slab section where conventional wheeled turntables would be impossible to fit

Smaller car and van size turntables are also available for installation to office parking areas, apartment blocks, private homes and other locations with limited turning space.


Machine Skates and Pallet Trucks

  Industrial Machine Skates

Introducing a new range of Liftmate industrial machine skates. Machine skates can be used whenever there is need to move heavy machines and other similar loads.

Lifting heavy machines for skate positioning can easily be taken care of using our roller crowbars or hydraulic lifting jacks. Large-diameter sealed nylon or polyurethane rollers spread the load to ensure ease of movement while protecting the floor surface. Yes, these great skates are kind to your floors!

Industrial machine skates are virtually maintenance-free and are fitted with handle for ease of use, positioning, and portability. The skate platforms are fitted with a rubber surface which aids stability and protects the object being moved.

Pallet Trucks

Introducing a new range of Rotair Systems Pallet Trucks featuring easy raising and lowering properties, pedal operated, as well as portability, with heavy duty caster wheels options. They are kind to the operator and reduce fatigue.


Mobile Scissor Lift Tables

  Scissor Lift Tables - by Liftmate

Introducing a new range of Scissor Lift Tables & Trolleys featuring easy raising and lowering properties, as well as portability, with heavy duty caster wheels with steering and brakes. They are kind to the operator and reduce fatigue.

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