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Location: Coventry, UK
Telephone: 02476274212
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  We offer the following services to industry
Business Improvement - Assistance in operational improvments and process redesign
Lean Operations - Helping companies to take waste out of thier organisations by value stream analysis, training and by the design and implementation of continuous improvement activities.
Manufacturing Engineering - Factory and Warehouse relayouts.
We work in both the public and private sectors
  • Manufacturing

  • Management Consulting

  • Aviation & Aerospace

  Products & Services

Lean Consulting and Training

  We are experienced practitioners in the implementation of Lean process improvement in an all areas of an organisation. Whether it is in on the shop floor or offices, we know how to work with organisations to gain the benefits that Lean implementation can deliver.
Our training programmes our design to be carried out in both the classroom and the workplace so as to ensure the rapid take up of learning and delivery of benefit.

Change Managment

  80% of change management initiatives fail due either the incorrect solution being chosen or the wrong implementation strategy being adopted. We worked with clients to correctly appraise the starting point for the change programme. We then jointly develop the way forward with clear implementation processes that we have successfully used in companies worldwide. Working with your transition teams and all levels of management to ensure that the new ways of working are embed in your organisation and the planned benefits are obtained.  

Kanban Systems (manual & software system)

  Our services include design and training in Manual systems
In addition we offer the implementation of e-kanban system (IKS) through our partner company Manufactus.
IKS is a highly developed and easy to use software package. It enables our customers to implement electronic Kanban systems along the complete supply chain fast and efficiently.
IKS supports Kanban users in every aspect - from a complete installation of Kanban to daily management and control of Kanban processes. IKS builds on the well known benefits of manual Kanban and provides at the same time all the different advantages of an electronic Kanban system.
Significant added features like the capability to integrate into existing systems, the use of RFID, the analysis of historical data, the fast adjustment to changes in needs, an early warning system for recognition of defile situations and much more round off the possibilities of IKS

Lean and Agile factory simulation

  The Lean and Agile Manufacturing Simulation Model simulate the concepts of lean and agile manufacturing. It is a 'live' working factory model that is used to simulate the effect of different operating styles for example, typical 'mass production' plant, and 'lean' production plant.

It is a learning experience that will improve your understanding of the concepts of lean production and the true philosophy of value stream management. The simulation stresses the importance of Lean continuous improvement techniques to improve the process, communications, and the workplace culture. Participants work as a team to plan, fabricate, manufacture, assemble, and ship products. Model functions include; warehousing, fabrication, WIP storage, assembly, inspection, accounting and shipping utilising a miniature factory model, complete with tools, fixtures, materials and shop floor paperwork transactions.
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