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Verztec Consulting UK Limited

Verztec Consulting UK Limited

Location: London, UK
Telephone: 020 3178 3160
Approvals: 0
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  Verztec are a leading ISO 9001 certified provider of multilingual localisation and translation solutions. Our core services cover:

Documentation Translation & Desk Top Publishing
• Electronic or paper-based format
• We support all the software tools required to produce various forms of documentation on Windows or Mac platforms
• Language groups including Western European, Nordic, Baltic, Central and Eastern European, Cyrillic, Asian (Double Byte) and Middle Eastern (Bidirectional)
• DTP formatting services for traditional publishing & repro and .PDF outputs

Web Translation & Engineering
• Localisation of content-driven or eCommerce websites
• Localisation and adaptation of online and interactive content
• Localisation of 2-D and 3-D graphics, Web and multimedia productions; Flash, audio and video components; Web publishing, .NET and XML publishing

ELearning / Multimedia Applications (with/without voiceovers)
Corporate Video Voiceovers
• Localisation of Computer-based Training
• Localisation of eLearning solutions
• Translation of on-screen and dubbed text

  • Translation and Localization

  Products & Services

Globalisation Consulting

  Our globalisation consultancy service will enable you to successfully localise your brand, internationalise your technology providing complete compliance within your target markets.

The Key areas where Verztec will guide you through the globalisation maze include:

Technology: Verztec will work with your development teams and audit your technology for Globalisation

Culture: We will provide an insight into your global markets and the cultural biases that may have an impact on your product design.

Education & Training: We will help you communicate to your people globalisation and internationalisation best practices, with the focus on faster time-to-market through the simultaneous release of software in all target markets and time and cost savings.

Verztec will develop a consulting package to meet your globalisation goals.


Web Engineering

  Companies wanting to communicate with a wider international audience are increasingly looking at the translation of their web portals into multiple languages.

The implementation and localisation of a web portal requires a combination of creativity, technology, design and the understanding of their target regions geographically.

With an information system development background and many years experience of system design and integration, Verztec can manage your entire work-flow process, from design construction through testing, implementation, maintenance and hosting, applying proven development methodologies throughout this process.


Desktop Publishing

  Many of your newsletters, white papers, annual reports or other publications require typesetting as part of the translation and localisation process.

The Verztec DTP and Quality Assurance teams focus on delivering clear, accurate, and consistent publications, ready for you to print and publish.

Verztec provides a DTP service across over 60 commercial languages and covers all file formats:
• FrameMaker
• Freehand
• Quark Xpress
• InDesign
• PageMaker
• Microsoft Word
• Many other applications
Our DTP experts are complimented by DTP Quality Assurance teams that check all the text and graphic formatting and alignment within your documents ensuring consistency across all your localised deliverables.
Utilising our expertise and knowledge will help you deliver your localised documentation deliverables cost effectively and within your budget, deadlines or product launch date.

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