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DTB Solutions Limited

DTB Solutions Limited

Location: Warrington, UK
Telephone: 01925 398956
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  IT onDemand can help companies reduce operating costs and streamline technology provision to better survive the current uncertain economic climate.

IT onDemand is an innovative approach to IT, whereby business applications are delivered to an organisation across the Internet on a pay-per-user basis. Its aim is to allow organisation to focus on their core business activities and eliminate many of the overheads associated with procuring and maintaining a dedicated IT infrastructure.

With IT onDemand routine maintenance, monitoring and upgrade activities are managed remotely by IT experts making it possible for small and medium-sized organisations to take advantage of professional IT systems similar to those used by large corporate companies, but without the associated upfront costs.

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  Products & Services

Desktop onDemand

  Desktop onDemand is a scalable hosted solution designed for the Small to Medium sized Enterprise, providing all the benefits of a local PC without the management overheads.

Desktop onDemand looks and behaves just like a regular desktop PC, but the software and data you use are hosted in our data centres. You then access your hosted desktop over an Internet connection securly from anywhere in the World.


- Reduce CapEx spending
- No IT skills required
- Connect anywhere
- Improved hardware power
- Add resources when you need them
- Add software when you need it
- 99.99% Reliability and uptime
- Safe and secure


Server onDemand

  Server onDemand is next the generation of server environment, replacing the conventional concept of the dedicated servers with a dynamic server environments. Resources that look and feel exactly like a dedicated server but, because we utilise a grid computing system, they're scalable to meet the demands of your business.

With complete comtrol of the amount of processing power and space you use, meaning you don't have to pay for hardware you don't need. Changes to your dynamic server can be made at any time, on the fly, without the costs associated with moving from one server to another, and all resources are available without capital expenditure.

Key Features

- Not just one server, part of many = high availability
- Set up in < 5 minutes
- 24x7 UK-based support, outstanding SLAs
- Control panel access to management
- Dedicated high-speed network


Phone onDemand

  Phone onDemand is a hosted VOIP (Voice Over IP) phone system designed to replace expensive phone systems, installation, handsets, BT lines and numbers with a simple, cost-efficient alternative. Each user can be provided with a pre-configured handset which can be plugged into your broadband or office network to allow you to access features such as voicemail, IVR and more, all from a control panel.

The adoption of VOIP technology has typically been driven by the lower costs of IP telephony over traditional methods - a powerful incentive for most businesses. However, hosted VOIP from DTB Solutions not only brings you lower costs, but gives you a whole host of other benefits as well. It is the perfect complement to our hosted desktop service, giving you comprehensive access to an affordable, mobile, scalable, state-of-the-art business infrastructure on demand.


Exchange onDemand

  Email onDemand is a scalable hosted email service based on Microsoft Exchange and designed to provide Small and Medium sized businesses with an enterprise class email solutions without the costly investment in infrastructure.

With Email onDemand your email is stored centrally on managed servers, providing redundancy and fast connectivity from wherever you are. This allows users to access their email, calendar, contacts and shared files via Outlook, Outlook Mobile Access (OMA) and Outlook Web Access (OWA).


Software onDemand

  Our Software onDemand service provides the latest software applications directly to either your existing PC or via our hosted Desktop.

Providing an identical user experience to locally installed application, this SaaS model provides access to applications at a low monthly subscription, rather than having to buy, install and manage the software yourself. You can also get access to these applications from anywhere, whether in the office, at home or on the move.

What's more, because the applications are provided on demand, you can simply add and remove them as and when you need, meaning you only have to pay for what you use.
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