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121 Business Ltd

121 Business Ltd

Location: St Ives Cambridge, UK
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  You have a dream. You have a vision. As a business owner you have realised that there is a fine balance between leading a fulfilling personal life and running a successful business. You know that you can multi-task, have great potential and are ambitious but you feel that you could improve greatly if you could just..?

So, how is your ideal vision fitting with reality? Are you frustrated because you’re already successful and just aren’t moving fast enough? Have you simply run out of ideas and need a jump start? Do you feel ‘stuck’ in your business? Have you discovered that your vision has been put on hold somewhere in the dynamics of running a successful business? What’s frustrating you and holding you back…Profits? Working long hours? Team issues? Business structure and organisational issues? if so click here paste this link into your browser:

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