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Jump Up Limited

Jump Up Limited

Location: Newcastle, UK
Telephone: 0845 170 1001
Approvals: 0
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  JUMP is a North East design company based in Newcastle upon Tyne specialising in digital excellence. We design, print and screen graphics, packaging, environments and online solutions. We provide services across the full spectrum of graphic design, brand identity, website, software, database and video production.

Our team of analysts, graphic designers, project managers and multimedia developers is not only skilled in technical expertise, but also brings a wealth of experience in solving business problems. Whether you require a new corporate logo or a complete brand communications strategy, a bespoke email marketing campaign or a fully integrated e-commerce website and content management system, the combination of visually stunning graphic design and advanced functionality will capture the imagination of your potential and existing customers.

You say, JUMP. We say, how high?

  • Software Development

  • Internet

  • Graphic Design

  Products & Services

Graphic Design

  Whether you are selling products or providing information about your company, the visual impact on the consumer can make the difference between success and failure. A effective brand engages the viewer, creating associations and expectations in his mind. No other medium is capable of communicating information as successfully as good design.

Some of our recent graphic design projects for clients including Wansbeck Homes, UNICEF and the Greetings Cards Company demonstrate how we have created unique brands for our clients.


Website Design

  JUMP provides Internet, intranet and e-commerce solutions that maximise communication between your company and the end-user via an effectively designed online interface. The combination of visually stunning graphic design and advanced functionality will capture the imagination of your potential and existing customers.

By using our Content Management Systems (CMS) you can update the content of your website at anytime as your business needs develop.

All of our websites meet the industry standard for website accessibility ensuring that the widest possible audience can view the content you publish.


Brand Communications

  Successful communication of your brand is vital if you want to attract customers to your services and products. Instant recognition and eye-catching design create the 'first impression' which will ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

Your brand identity communicates the "persona" of your corporation to your customers, creating the associations people make when they see, hear or think of your organisation. Your corporate logo or mark is your signature – it is what people use to identify you. Consistent application of your brand across all visual communication will create a clear and instant link between you and your target audiences.



  The ability to sell your products and services online provides a commercial portal for your organisation 24 hours a day. From structuring the virtual stock room to integrating online payments, a bespoke website is your most powerful tool in the global marketplace. Understanding your customers' needs is crucial. Effective delivery is equally important to your business success.

JUMP's e-commerce system can be integrated with a range of high-street banks via payment providers such as PROTX, World Pay and PayPal. Our Content Management System (CMS) enables you to directly update your product portfolio as well as monitoring the fulfilment and delivery of your order.

Combined with a targeted email marketing campaign you can direct your customers to your online shop and spotlight specific products.


E-mail Marketing

  An email marketing campaign that is targeted, planned and executed effectively can reach the right audience at a much lower cost then traditional methods. A successful email marketing campaign can eliminate all the costs associated with the traditional forms of direct mail and advertising, such as print and postage costs.

Once your email marketing campaign has been distributed you can analyse its effectiveness by viewing how many people have opened the email, visited your website and even forwarded the email on to someone else. This detailed feedback is invaluable in helping you to tailor future campaigns. JUMP's email marketing system also manages your distribution lists allowing you to target your campaigns to specific customers.

JUMP can assist with the design and development of your email campaign templates. Our online service enables you to define your own content and execute your campaigns at any time.

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