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JI Management Ltd

JI Management Ltd

Location: Helensburgh, UK
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  I set up JI Management Ltd as a Consultancy aiming to assist Small and Medium businesses to bid for Government contracts. I am familiar with how these requirements are framed, how the formal evaluation process is undertaken in scoring submissions and awarding the contract and how such contracts are managed through life. This enables me to bring benefit to any commissions by helping bidders to approach their Tender submission in the right way.
My Consultancy is underpinned by experience gained in a very full career with the UK Ministry of Defence where I rose to Assistant Director Level in the area dealing with Information Management and Technical Documentation. This work closely related to Integrated Logistics Support, Item Identification and Item Management in the Supply Chain
Most recently I have been involved in developing and delivering Change Programmes providing efficiencies within MoD and changing relationships between MoD and its Industry partners.
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  Products & Services

Business Analysis

  Through our analysis process we will work closely with you; understand your goals; review your situation; analyse the changes needed; Consider their interaction with your processes; outline and prioritise activities for the transformation and produce your milestone plan. Doing things even slightly differently, allows your company to cut overheads and improve efficiency. This would improve bottom line performance - and may be just the edge you need in these difficult market conditions.  

Change Management

  Humans are creatures of habit and we would all prefer a settled life, but when does Routine become Rut?
Change and evolution are essential aspects of survival for any business and they enable it to keep pace with changes to market conditions by developing new capabilities.
The development and growth of your business needs to be properly controlled. You need to drive Change Management, rather than just react to market pressures.

Public Procurement Bidding

  Public Sector Procurement in the UK market is worth ¬£125 Bn annually, the EU Procurement significantly higher. Common processes give all interested providers an equal chance of winning a contract on merit, but for Small and Medium Enterprises these seem daunting, look like a lot of effort and have no guarantee of success. JI Management Ltd can help you build a bid that will be compliant in all respects and improve your chances of winning that contract. By evaluating how close you come to meeting essential criteria specified in Tender Invitations, we can help you develop the processes and systems needed to assist you in qualifying. We can help you manage the bidding process and ensure that you meet the deadlines set and help you identify solutions which get you closer to the starting line thus giving you a better chance of success.  

Data Matters

  The quality of data is as important to your business as the qualities and capabilities of the people you recruit. Too often however, companies fail to invest in the effort required to make sure that their data is accurate and reliable.
JI Management Ltd can help you assess whether your current data is of sufficient quality to meet your expectations. We can help put any problems right by helping you develop and implement appropriate Data Management Strategies and Get Well programmes and examine your data gathering or maintenance processes to ensure that they meet the needs of the business .

Continuity Planning

  You should never be too busy to have a Business Continuity Plan for what you do.

Such a plan is your additional insurance policy. It can help you to avoid disaster and, more importantly, can ensure your recovery when a problem strikes at the heart of your operation. It can represent the difference between Failure and Survival and would be a major step forward. It is not difficult to achieve, but all too often it can end up just being a document that gathers dust on a shelf.

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