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The Word Gym Ltd

The Word Gym Ltd

Location: Aberfeldy, UK
Telephone: 01887 820 100
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  we work with advertising and marketing agencies -- in fact, with communications companies of all kinds -- as well as the marketing departments of major corporates, to produce brand-loyal copy that backs up online, print, TV, radio and poster campaigns. Oh, and PR and marketing campaigns as well. You need high-profile, multilingual copy to enhance your international media presence? That's what we deliver!

For nearly 20 years, we've been assessing creative concepts, corporate image ideas, promotional campaigns, brand names and product names to make sure they work internationally. We've helped household names like Sony to convey consistent brand values and messages across all their markets. We've represented them in negotiations with potential customers, partners and other key contacts abroad. We've set up approval processes, advised on strategy, liaised with local offices...

  • Translation and Localization

  • Marketing

  • Copywriting

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We write copy for advertising campaigns, for marketing and e-marketing campaigns, for brochures, annual reports, leaflets, point-of-sale materials and PR. You'll hear our copy on the radio, in speeches and in presentations. You'll see our copy on TV, in films and on the web. You'll find it lurking in viral marketing material...

We write copy in many different styles to suit many different kinds of campaigns, targeting many different audiences -- from FMCG consumers through to senior executives in highly sophisticated industries such as IT, finance and energy production.

You need copy that does it all: excites awareness, stimulates interest, awakens desire and calls to action.

Our copy conveys your messages, harmonises with your brand values and sells your products and services in effective, high-impact ways. Our copy helps you differentiate your business from your competitors, promote your USPs and achieve greater market penetration.


Creative Translation

  We have nearly 20 years of experience of transforming creative copy into effective, foreign-language copy that works just as well as the original. For many communication companies -- even those with their own networks -- we act as a responsive, knowledgeable partner, providing expert support across international markets.

Let's be clear: you can't just "translate" copy. Creative copy must harmonise with the language, culture and expectations of the target audience. A lively, witty headline in French may be a turn-off in Swedish. A portentous phrase in German may sound patronising in Spanish. A hard sell in English may offend in Chinese.

We'll be straight with you: we'll advise you if your marketing material will work, or if it needs some serious creative adjustment. We'll advise you if you need to rework your concept for a specific marketplace. We'll advise you on cultural differences so you can make a real impression rather than damage your brand.


Brand Management

  Taking a brand abroad is always a risk.

Experienced international executives know you can't treat a brand (or creative concept) as an off-the-shelf commodity that will work in any market.

Before you engage with a foreign marketplace, you need to have a clear idea of your brand values. Your products and services will only sell abroad if you know exactly how you want to come across to your target audiences, and exactly how you mean to convey your key messages. Equally important, you need to be sure those messages are conveyed consistently across all your target markets, so your positioning is the same in each marketplace.

We help you analyse your brand values and determine how best to communicate them. We help you assess existing material, from product names to creative concepts. We help you decide how best to position your business in your target markets, avoiding negative perceptions and accentuating positive brand differentiators that will lift you above the competition.

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