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Barclay Communications

Barclay Communications

Location: Belfast, UK
Telephone: 028 90 96 0366
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  We specialise in providing business efficiency with our telecommunication and mobilisation solutions.

Offering mobile phones, mobilisation solutions; IT Support; E-Business Services; SMS Marketing; Email Marketing; Landline and Broadband Services; Fleet management and vehicle tracking with TomTom WORK products and a full installations service.

At Barclay Communications clients receive one account manager who will discover the best solution for their business needs and with the support of our in house customer service team, you are guaranteed an exceptional service.

  • Telecommunications

  • IT Consulting

  • Internet

  Products & Services

Tom Tom WORK

  TomTom WORK brings:

Smart and efficient tracking, tracing and planning
View your vehicles in real time on street level maps and know the exact locations. Identify where the vehicle is located against your planning and pick the best vehicles to manage a new task.

Easy and clear navigation
Navigation by order with destination address makes the driver''''s job a lot easier and less stressfull.

Two way communication
Send (standard) text messages from and to the office, give client orders and locations or send tasks with navigation coordinates via the PC in the office to the drivers. Simple and Quick!

Professional reporting
Make automatic logbooks of driving time, times of standstill and habits for tax, for KM registration, pay roll and expense accounting. Receive daily, weekly or monthly reports containing exact data your company requires.


e- business

  Barclay Communications provides the following internet services:

Website design and development
Domain name registration and email
Database development
Live messaging on your web site
Email marketing campaigns
Content Management


Business Mobile Phones

  We will review your mobile phone account and help you save money on your bills.

As 02 Advanced Partners and Orange Business Specialists we are awarded special discounts and deals, which are immediately passed onto our clients.

Our account managers offer a full range of mobile phones, from simple handsets to the latest in Blackberry and Apple smartphone technology.



Landline & Broadband (Barclay Telecom)

  We bring together the best of the new and past technology to help our clients effectively and efficiently manage calls, improve service quality, and maximise staff productivity.

Barclay Telecom Provides:

Phone Systems
PocketPBX (new technology which expands the use of mobile phones or isolated landlines)

Visit for more informaton


Mobilisation Solutions

  At Barclay Communications we help businesses achieve maximum business efficiency through improving business processes and communication between workers and the systems they use.

With the following mobilisation solutions, we can help businesses save time and money.

Mobile Broadband- Mobilise your laptop with O2 Mobile Broadband.
Blackberry - The pocket-sized all-in-one wirless solution
Telmap - Unique satalite navigation and mapping solution
Digital Pen & Paper - Complete paperwork on site and send it into the office within seconds
Hand-e-pix - Capture accurate photographic information quickly and easily

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