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Fruit Mobile Managed Services

Fruit Mobile Managed Services

Location: Glasgow, UK
Telephone: 0141 204 3248
Approvals: 0
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  Fruit,in addition, provide Software as a Service Solutions (SAAS). SaaS alleviates the customer's burden of software maintenance, ongoing operation, and support. Using SaaS also can conceivably reduce that up-front expense of software purchases, through less costly, on-demand pricing.

Three of the solutions that we provide are Telecom Expense Management (TEM), Knowledge Management and Email Archiving & Disaster recovery.

EVERY customer is an important customer to Fruit Mobile; we have a client base ranging from large UK-wide retailers with 3000+ users, to small companies with only a few computers.

We can develop solutions to suit your budget and provide the level of service you expect and demand.

  • Telecommunications

  • Outsourced Services

  • IT Consulting

  Products & Services

EzMobile Telecom Expense Management

  EzMobile enabled one of our clients to save seven pence per second last year.

EzMobile helps you to save telecom costs and manage your telecom resources more effectively regardless of the number of operators or end-users involved.

EzMobile places the responsibility for managing cost at the end user level, the intuitive and user-friendly tool allows the end user to allocate telecom spend to cost centres or project codes and personal vs. business calls. This leads to increased cost awareness and lower telecom spend.

You will also benefit from a fully online tool that manages/allocates your costs, tracks and inventories the assets and validates your monthly operator invoice.

EzMobile Telecom Expense Management offers an unparalleled return on investment and is typically cash positive within 12 weeks.

Having said that, EzMobile offers more than a "quick fix" it provides you with long term insight, efficiency and control.


Hosted Email Archiving & Anti SPAM/Virus

  Enterprise Class protection for SMB's without Enterprise Class pricing!

Have your company's email automatically archived and filtered in the 'cloud' Fruit Email Services is an on-demand service that quietly sits between your broadband ISP and your corporate mailserver cleaning, archiving and monitoring email passing through it.

Fruit Email Services also include a series of integrated features to make sure your email keeps running, including the Emergency Email Service, Queue Manager, and mailbox recovery facilities.

Core benefits
• No hardware/ Software to be installed
• Stop Virus/ Spam from entering your network
• No user intervention
• Integrated Email Cleaning
• Integrated Email Archive and Recovery
• Integrated Emergency Email Server
• Integrated Queue Manager
• Integrated Email Monitor
• Integrated Email Policy Manager

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