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DBA Group

DBA Group

Location: Cambridge, UK
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  DBA Group is a specialist Chartered Accountancy practice providing tailored corporate finance and financial management services to companies engaged in rapid growth and organisational development.

Our unique Integrated Financial Management solutions provide a seamless and interactive approach to strategic and operational financial reporting. Timely, accurate and relevant information enables managers to track progress and ensure that the business remains on course. Our experienced financial team provide a complete range of specialist professional advice on a highly flexible and cost effective basis.

Established in 1994 and based at the heart of the Cambridge technology cluster we have worked with dozens of early stage and venture capital backed technology companies to develop, fund and deliver their strategic plans and generate value for
both founders and investors as well as other stakeholders
in the business.

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  Products & Services

Flexible Support Services

  Start up and early stage companies often experience a “virtual” phase where they do not want to incur property costs or the expense of office infrastructure.

We provide clients with a range of support services at this critical stage of their development including messaging and telephone answering services, hot desks and meeting
rooms, registered office facilities and a full suite of administrative support

A New Paradigm

  Entrepreneurial businesses rely upon dynamic managers who are focussed on managing change; controlling business risk in order to deliver strategic objectives. What others may view as cost they see as investment.
There are never enough resources to fully satisfy all of their demands and to be fully effective entrepreneurs need to extract every scrap of value from the effort that they invest.
DBA Group have years of experience in working with these dynamic change-led companies and have a unique understanding of their management needs. Our reports are structured so as to:
Present information how, when and where management need it
Separate investment in future growth from incidental overhead cost
To accommodate future growth in activity levels
Focus on uncertainty and risk management with a range of analytical and scenario modelling techniques
Provide senior management with the facts they need in a simple and easily comprehensible format - without losing sight of key detail

A Point of Value

  The strength of the DBA Group approach lies in its focus and flexibility. This provides our clients with a unique specialist service.
Our Integrated Financial Management solution is provided by a team of an experienced CFO, supported by a range of specialised qualified staff on a highly scaleable and cost effective basis.
This is all delivered at a fraction of the cost of an equivalent in house team.
Our experience in the sector means that in addition to our own expertise we have access to a network of other professionals and specialist providers who share our philosophy and values and together we can provide a “one stop shop” to meet the needs of entrepreneurial companies.
We have a proven track record of adding value to developing companies which is supported by the endorsements of our past and present clients. New clients have confidence to rely on us to add our experience to theirs in order add value to their business development
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