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Holden Associates

Holden Associates

Location: Burscough, UK
Telephone: 0845 225 2845
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  Although only founded in 2004, Holden Associates are fast becoming a practice that I {Jason Holden} am not only proud of, but one that clients are proud to use. We offer quality advice and support to the small business and entrepreneurial sectors throughout the UK.

I {Jason Holden} am not going to tell you we are different, because lets face it everyone does that, and how different are they really?

For straight forward advice from a professionally qualified accountant and business consultant who has, unlike many other accountants, actually started his business from nothing then please feel free to pick up the phone and call 0845 225 2845.

I {Jason Holden} won't guarantee you some hard to achieve turn around time because it is my belief that your business affairs deserve better than being part of a conveyor belt operation that guarantees something like a 30 day turn around, but I will guarantee you the best levels of service, support and advise we have, no matter what.

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  As is the case with all accountancy practices Holden Associates are also able to prepare the financial statements of sole traders, partnerships, limited companies, charities and calculate the tax liabilities thereon.

However, as a matter of policy Holden Associates take it one step further with all our clients.

After preparing the accounts, tax returns etc. we take this opportunity to have further discussions with our client with the specific task of discussing the future of their business and the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats that exist.

These discussions very often provide substantial ‘thought for the future’ both positive and negative for our clients.

Advice that is gained during these discussions is often acted upon by our clients and results in an increase in profitability or a reduction in potential losses.

It is also during these discussions with ours clients that we uncover additional tax saving benefits that may be gained.



  Our taxation services fall into two distinct categories:

Firstly, there is compliance for:

Business Tax

Business taxation including the preparation of tax computations for sole traders and partnerships.

Corporation tax covering the preparation of tax computations for limited companies and the completion of Corporation tax returns.

Personal Tax

Personal tax including preparation of self assessment returns together with any supplementary pages.

In all cases we use a sophisticated tax return preparation program to complete your returns and calculate your tax position with maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Secondly, we offer Tax Planning:

This can, and very often does provide real reductions in tax liabilities.

It is important that any tax planning is reviewed on a regular basis and always with an eye on the future.

All our tax planning is carried out by a Chartered Tax Adviser, as taxation is an increasingly complex profession and requires a great deal of expertise.


Business Development

  Have you ever wondered why some businesses seem to have all the luck while others struggle?

Have you noticed some businesses grow into larger businesses and some don’t grow at all, or fall by the wayside.

It is often the case that a business will grow without the owner really knowing why.

However, there comes a point in every business where the owner has to carry out some sort of strategic planning and business development strategy.

Ask yourself this, ‘do you go to work on your business, or in it?’

All to often business owners feel like they are spending all day at the coal face, this is because they are working in the business, and not on it!


Start-up Advice

  Firstly, congratulations, running your own business can be a most satisfying experience, but it can also be a most stressful one!

Once you have made your mind up to run your own business you need to get to grips with the legal requirements, will you operate as a sole trader business, maybe a partnership between relatives or friends, how about a limited liability partnership or even a limited company?

So many options, and they don't stop there, you have to consider will you be registered for VAT, what about operating PAYE, what business name should you use, and the list goes on.

Fortunately at Holden Associates we understand the concerns of a new start-up, dealing with the 'taxman', the 'vatman', the bank manager, and everything else that you are now responsible for.

Ask for a copy of our New Business Kit, it contains jargon free guidance on:

What accounting records you should keep?
Bank accounts
Payroll and PAYE
Health and safety, and much more!



  Ask yourself, how would you rather spend your time , making money or accounting for it?

Bookkeeping can be the one main annoyance for any small business. Because a record of all business transactions must be kept in good order for HM Revenue & Customs it can be a major headache.

If your business is not big enough to justify a full-time bookkeeper, yet finding those extra hours every week to write up the books is difficult then why not let Holden Associates through our online bookkeeping service take the burden away from you.

And because our software is accessed via a secure internet connection we are now also able to provide remote bookkeeping services for many clients who are located throughout the country.

If you want to keep your own books and records our software is provided FREE of charge, however, and as a further benefit to our clients, we offer a discount on our year end fees when we provide you with bookkeeping services.

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