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OM2 Marketing

OM2 Marketing

Location: Malvern Worcestershire, UK
Telephone: 01886 881092
Approvals: 0
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  The business provides businesses with professional marketing services and support, has a network of people to help with your marketing requirements. The expert team ensure that clients get results from their marketing. The service is intended to make businesses think about smart marketing every time.
With a team that includes people experienced in their own field of marketing services, OM2 Marketing has a professional team to help with all your marketing needs.
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  • Marketing

  • Management Consulting

  Products & Services

Brochures & leaflets

  To promote your business and generate more sales, OM2 can create and produce for you smart-looking, cost-effective printed promotional material.

Depending on your marketing requirements, we can produce
any of the following:

• Brochures
• Leaflets & flyers
• Folders
• Catalogue
• Customer forms

We’ll take care of all the work involved, including:

• Planning the key messages
• Planning the format
• Design and layout
• Copy-writing
• Print

We’ll make sure the design not only reflects your brand identity to best effect but also communicates the key selling points about your business with high-impact.
Furthermore, you can be sure the cost won’t break the bank, as we only use designers and printers who have proven themselves for offering value-for-money.


A website for your business

  Nowadays, a website is as much a normal marketing tool as stationery or a brochure.

Most customers expect any firm they may do business with to have a website, not least so they can check out their credentials. At the same time, though, many companies make their website too complex, or they do not update or promote it well.

If you are looking for a simple, no-nonsense marketing website, OM2 can help you.


Brand identity and stationery

  Many small businesses don’t worry about the image they convey to others. Don’t be like them ! Image is really important and first impressions really count.

All your business communications (from your business card to email and how you answer the phone) send out messages to the outside world, whether you like it or not. So, you might as well give the matter some thought, rather than leave it to chance.

What messages would you like to say about your business ?
For example, it might be:

• We are modern
• We are local
• I am high-tech
• We are specialists in ...

The trick is to avoid messages which are too bland and, instead, convey a distinctive image and personality that make you stand out.



  PR is about using public media to gain publicity for your business and raise your visibility and profile. It’s about getting ‘free’ editorial coverage about your business in media like newspapers, magazines, journals, radio, internet sites, and even television.

Coverage in the media gives your business valuable credibility and respect. Regular media publicity increases your perceived stature and helps to bring you more demand for your services.

OM2 are experts in developing newsworthy and engaging ideas and stories for the media and employing creative and effective PR tactics to exploit those ideas.


Telemarketing & databases

  Using the telephone to support your sales, marketing or customer service - sometimes called telemarketing - is a very powerful tool for all businesses.

Classic applications include following up a mail-shot, cleaning a client or prospect list, keeping in touch with clients, inviting people to an event, and handling customer enquiries.

There are many benefits to using telemarketing:

• It is a targeted, personal form of communication
• The phone gets noticed straightaway
• It allows a flexible dialogue
• It is quick and cheap to do and easy to
measure results

However, there’s a lot of skill involved in doing telemarketing well. From preparing a suitable call script and handling the call itself to staying lawful and tracking results.

OM2 has the know-how and skilled personnel to carry out an effective telemarketing project for you.

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